Kids and Teens Pediatric Dental Centre

At Kids & Teens Pediatric Dental Care we aim at providing quality dental care for children and young adults till 24 years. We provide primary and comprehensive preventive and therapeutic oral health care for children and adolescents keeping in mind the stage of development of your child with atmost loving care and modifying their behavior if required by appropriate behavior management techniques.

Your child requires atmost care in preventing dental decay and other associated dental problems right from atleast one year of age. A good healthy mouth (oral cavity) is the gateway for good general health and overall development of your child. An unhealthy mouth and teeth can result in poor selfesteem to the child, bad odour, pain, repeated infections associated with fever, swellings, improper nutrition which results in poor immunity and repeated hospital visits and missing school. So periodic dental visits to your pediatric dentist with your children can correct and prevent these problems.

Other than decay to the teeth the improper tooth positions is very common in children and is a concern to many parents. Many of the parents has an idea of correction of their children’s teeth by 12-15 years of age after all the milk teeth has fallen off is totally a wrong school of thought. A child with improper alignment of teeth should visit a pediatric dentist as early as 6- 7 years of age to understand the basic underlying problem. Improper tooth positions as a result of increased jaw growth, decreased jaw growth, different oral habits, hereditary reasons, space loss resulting in early loss of milk teeth should be attended to as early as possible and should be corrected or modified by 12-15 years to have a better outcome after fixed orthodontic therapy if required.

At Kids & Teens Pediatric Dental Care we provide complete dental care for children and young adults.

Our Dentistry Experts

The dental team draws together one of the best experienced dentistry experts in Cochin with an aim of providing children and young adults the best of the dental care.

Dr Arun Roy James Pediatric Dentist Ernakulam
Dr Arun Roy James

Consultant Pediatric Dentist (Children’s dental specialist)

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Dr Helma George Consultant Endodontist and Restorative Dentist Ernakulam
Dr Helma George

Consultant Endodontist& Restorative Dentist

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